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Experience round-the-clock network access with our persistent uptime, ensuring an always-online, always accessible service.
High Security
Benefit from robust security protocols, multilayered protection systems, and advanced encryption measures, safeguarding your assets and data.
Trust in our proven track record of success, as we deliver trustworthy and dependable network performance with unwavering stability and accuracy.
What we are working on
Our team of skilled programmers has been involved in the development of diverse tools and applications for the blockchain ecosystem. Our portfolio includes dapps, monitoring tools and smart contract development.
NFT trading card game

We are currently developing an immersive NFT trading card game that combines captivating artwork with strategic gameplay. Our game offers a unique, digital collectible experience, allowing players to acquire, trade, and battle with their NFT cards. Dive into our engaging universe and join the thrilling adventure of collecting, trading, and mastering your exclusive NFT trading card collection.

Don't miss out on the latest updates, early access, and exclusive NFT drops from our exciting trading card game!


A simple slot game built on Solana blockchain using Anchor framework and React. See it in action at

Solana Slot
The team
We are a team of Web 3.0 enthusiasts who see the industry's potential, and value its top standards. Our years of experience in developing and software engineering in top companies (FTSE 100 IT companies), allow us to create and operate with cutting edge technologies.
Lucian Marica
Lucian Marica
Founder, Software Engineer, Devops
Doer, problem solver, passionate about coding, eager to build stuff for blockchain.
More than 12 years’ experience as Software Engineer. Skilled in React, ReactNative, NodeJS, Rust, Java, PHP.
Andrei Uifalean
Andrei Uifalean
Software Engineer
Skilled in JavaScript, PHP, React
Dorin Zoicas
Dorin Zoicas
Creative, Designer
Experienced Art Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.